Milroy Perera Associates have recently unveiled their plans for Clearpoint Tower in Sri Lanka. When completed, the luscious 46-story building will be the world’s tallest residential vertical garden. But it’s not just about looks; designed with the help of Mäga Engineering, the building focuses on sustainable initiatives, using the exterior vegetation to minimize solar heat gain and provide a sound buffer. As a result, the need for air conditioning is reduced, with extra energy provided by rooftop solar panels. Lastly, the need for water is satisfied via an efficient automated drip irrigation system.



An amazing rooftop terrace at the corner of Filopoimenos and Riga Ferraiou streets in Patras, Greece.




Aurora Borealis

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Urban play takes over the street of Jakarta. Intervention of tape art by Andi Rharharha

Love the soundtrack! 


Interested in taking killer star photos? If you can find a spot far away from the city, all it takes is a DSLR and a tripod. BBC Two recorded this informative video on how to capture some “bloody amazing” night sky photos.

Tips: BBC Explains Night Sky Photography

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Which cities are embracing the green revolution?

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Rise of the Megacity - A megacity generally defines a metropolitan area that has a population in excess of 10 million people. 

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Discovery, Animal Planet, and History Channel exposed for killing animals for profit


These channels are failing the spirit of conservationism and education. They are failing inspiring awe in young people. Failing much needed inspiration in a very confused and conflicted world.

These shows are failing their core values, their main purpose, which is leadership in environmentalism and cultural education. Far worse, they are failing millions of young people - millions - who look up to them.

Please join me in asking Discovery, Animal Planet, and the History Channels to stop, apologize, and correct.

Just sad.

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